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Aviation Consultancy, specialized in Business Aviation, Support of Maintenance and CAMO organisations, as well as aircraft refueling operations and Training.


What we do

Aero Advise can provide you with quick and effective assistance in a variety of aeronautical activities in terms of:

1. EASA and ISO Related Standards
2. Auditing
3. Training
4. Procedure and Document writing
5. Aircraft Refueling

Frequently customers request for a Service Package, comprising two or more of these subjects, e.g. Procedure writing, Training and Auditing. Some examples are: assistance in obtaining an EASA Part-145 maintenance organisation approval, performing an EASA Part M audit or training of aircraft refueling personnel.


About us

Initially being trained as an Aircraft Maintenance Certifying Technician, Tom Kouters started his career in 1979 with a corporate Dassault Aviation and Beechcraft Aircraft Fleet owner. From there he moved to a desert operation where he was responsible for the maintenance of the operated twin engined aircraft. After several years abroad as Maintenance Technician and later Quality Inspector, he returned to Corporate Operations and gained experience in multiple functions, such as Aircraft Engineering, Head of Logistics and the last seven years as Quality Manager.

In this position he prepared what was at that time the companies JAR-145 Maintenance Approval in 1992, which was granted that year. In the same period, after a six year night school study, a Bachelors Degree of Electric and Electronic Engineering (B.Sc.Eng.) was obtained (Ing). Additionally, during that time Tom was responsible for the Quality Management of the local Airport FBO fuel deliveries and fueling equipment. The B.Sc study was followed by two years of education in Commercial Management. After this he accepted a job as Quality Manager Maintenance within a large commercial Aircraft Operator, having its operations mainly abroad. As such Auditing and Reporting was a regular task and it was with this Operator where initial and recurrent Training in Company Procedures was introduced. In May 2001 Aero Advise was founded; Since then Aero Advise provides support to private and commercial Operators, aircraft refueling organisations, oil companies, CAMO and Part-145 maintenance organisations.

Aviation Consultancy

  • Easa / Iso Standards

    Having gained Quality Managerial experience for many years, Aero Advise offers assistance on different subjects in Aviation Regulations, Requirements and ISO Standards.
    Aero Advise can be your choice when you are looking for the following solutions:

    Part-145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisations
    – Assessment of organisations for Part-145 Standards
    – Compiling a Maintenance Organisation Exposition (MOE)
    – Auditing and Reporting
    – Communication with Authorities
    – Training of Company Procedures

    EASA Part M Solutions
    – Compiling a Continuous Airworthiness Management Exposition (CAME)
    – Part M Auditing and Reporting
    – Communication with Authorities
    – Training Part M issues

    ISO Standards
    – Compiling a Company Manual
    – Audits and Reporting
    – Training

  • Auditing & Reporting

    Aero Advise offers Auditing capability for Aviation Organisations and those who employ Aviation related activities, e.g. Aircraft Refueling Organisations.
    Organisations can be assessed in an effective way and short time span, while reporting and evaluation will be detailed, comprising recommendations for improvements, adaptation and implementation.

    Some examples are:
    – Evaluation of an Aircraft Refueling Company
    – Auditing an Aircraft Maintenance Organisation for being in compliance with the Part-145 requirements
    – Evaluation of an Aircraft Operators Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO)

  • Training

    Being well equipped with the means of modern audio visual training, Aero Advise can provide for Training to small or larger groups of people in Dutch, English, German and French language.

    Training can be performed on site or upon agreement on any preferred location. Contents of Training can be tailored to companies requirements and upon request, a students level assessment can be performed followed by an evaluation report.

    Some examples are:
    – Health and Safety issues or Product Knowledge for Aircraft Refuelling personnel
    – Initial or recurrent Training of Part-145 Organisations Procedures
    – Human Factors in Aircraft Refueling

  • Writing

    As a valuable part of the Aero Advise capability, procedure and document writing is an essential element of the Service Package that can be offered.
    Effective and objective procedure writing is a skill of which Aero Advise has ample experience.
    Procedures compiled by Aero Advise will always be tailored to its customers requirements, i.e. accurately defining objectives, responsibilities and working methods, matching with the basic Regulations or Requirements.
    e.g. EASA or ISO Standards.
    Procedures are basically written in English language, however upon request they can also be provided in Dutch, German and French language

  • Refueling

    For every Aircraft Operator timely Aircraft Refueling is an important factor in terms of correctly delivered fuel quality and quantity in a safe environment.
    Where an Aviation Operator takes great care of the technical condition of its Aircraft, the quality of the received fuel is often entirely left to the control of the Fuel Delivery Agent.
    As a complementary factor to the Aviation Service Package that can be provided, Aero Advise is experienced and specialised in many aspects of Aircraft Refueling.
    It is for this reason that Aero Advise is contracted on a regular basis by Oil Companies and Fuel Delivery Agents for a variety of services such as Safety Management Systems, Audits, Procedure Writing, customized and multilingual Training.

Customer Support

Having many years of experience on Dassault Falcon Aircraft, Aero Advise was contracted to Dassault Aviation from May 2001 until January 2022 as Customer Service Representative for Dassault Falcon Operators in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. With the goal of slowing down a bit, as from January 2022 Aero Advise narrowed down its focus to remain supporting aircraft maintenance and repair organizations as well as aircraft refueling training.

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